Evening Hairstyle Ideas For Short Hair

Short hair is easy to maintain but a lot of people tend to complain that there are not many ways to style it. Well, this may not be completely true as there are some cool ways you can style it whether you are going for a casual meeting or a party. There are ways you can create eye-catching looks with your short hair. These are some evening hairstyle ideas that are sure to inspire you

Evening Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

  • Rockability Banggs

Ladies with short hair can have some fun with this edgy style, especially for those with longer bangs that can be easily molded into interesting shapes. You can use some maximum hold hairspray to help you to achieve this style.

  • Pinned-back Waves

For those whose hair might be too short to pull back entirely, this style is a perfect idea for you. You can achieve this by pulling the front pieces back and secure them with bobby pins. This can be smoothened down with a little medium-hold gel or pomade.

  • Sleek Accessories

For a super short curly hair, a headband is a perfect tool. You can get a pulled-back look like you would with a ponytail. You can be creative when styling your hair in this manner by adding more than one headband or by using a metal plated one for a dressier look

  • Braided Mohawk

This style gives you that “business in the front, party in the back” kind of look. To achieve this sleek style, you can use spritzing smoothing hairspray on the finished look then comb down any frizz with a toothbrush.

  • Brushed Back Bob

The brushed back bob style works great with very short hair. To achieve this style, spritz the hair with salt spray and tease at the root to add grip and volume. You can then brush the hair up and away from the face while you are spraying a hairspray to give you that loose but still polished look.

  • Crown Braid

You can pull off a braided crown instead of plaiting along one long strand then weave the shorter pieces into the braid as it continues along your head. A little texture will help it feel more casual, this does not have to be perfect.

  • Faux Updo

If your hair is too short for any twisted braided, ponied options, you can mimic an updo by using a gel to sweep the hair off the face. Pull the hair back by creating an almost wet look, you don’t necessarily have to tie it in the back.

  • Side Braid

There are times when an updo can make the excess oil in second-day hair a little too obvious. When nothing seems to work you can try a side braid to sweep hair away from the face. The extra grip that “dirty” hair tends to provide can make braiding a lot easier and you can even use a curling iron to add a few waves to the opposite side.

  • Boho Twist

Braids are great with short hair and can be fun and wispy. This is because the pieces are shorter and they tend to naturally pop out of the style for that effortless look.

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