Best Haircuts for Round Faces

There are haircuts at every hair length for every hair texture emphasize length and minimize width to create the illusion of that coveted round face. Check out all these beautiful hairstyles you have to choose from.
Here are the 5 best hairstyles for round faces:


This in between medium and long length is one of the best haircuts out there for round faces and really anyone. Medium hair can start to curl from hitting the shoulder while longer can become unmanageable. Having a brunette hairstyle for women, can be better for a shoulder length hair.
Collarbone length hair gives you just enough length without any more work. If you have thick or wavy hair, be sure to get lots of layers cut so hair volume doesn’t add width.


Some say bobs are don’t for round faces but it’s all about getting the right one for your face shape. If you want a chin length bob like Cameron Diaz, who also has a round face, side swept bangs will add a flattering slant to an otherwise rounded hairstyle.

Angled or graduated bobs are also a great idea. They can be cut at dramatically to exaggerate the angle of your jaw. This also adds gorgeous texture.


It may seem counterintuitive but cropped cuts can be fabulous for round faces, if you dare to wear one. Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely transformed with this cute cut that uses angled bangs with lots of jagged layers to contrast a softer jawline. view more information at


At every hair length, bangs can be a flattering addition for round faces. Side swept bangs are the universally flattering look and add desirable angles. Add a few wisps, thick fringe, or longer bangs that hit at the cheekbone, depending on your hair type and haircut.

Straight across bangs don’t have to be literally straight across. Subtly cutting bangs into a gentle arc that is shorter at the sides and longer in the center softens the blunt bang. Or just a slightly curly blunt bangs for something that is quite different from what is common.


Wearing long hair will add an illusion of being lengthy to those who have round faces and for those who have a wide cheeks. Wear long hair straight to eliminate any undesirable width. Use a flat iron and serum for ultra-sleek and super shiny hair.

haircut and color

If you love the always in style center part, be sure hair is at least collar bone length. Even better is a graduated cut that adds angles near the face.
If you want to add a few romantic curls to this look for a date or every day, you still can! Save yourself time and flatter your face shape by starting the curls below the chin.

* Bonus Tip

One last note, if you’re throwing hair up into a ponytail, bun, or half up hairstyle, the same rules apply. You want to add height to minimize width. Take a minute to tease hair just behind the hairline to add flattering volume at the crown. Those with fine hair may need a little hairspray or crisscrossed bobby pins for a boost.

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